The Vessel

Dry, like an empty jar
Nothing to bring, nothing to offer
Empty hands, empty heart
Knowledge unsought, talents buried
Unworthy vessel, deserving dishonor
He lifts up from the lowly place

His face filled with unfathomable love
He knows my weakness, knows my name
One command, just one request
“Just give me your all, your everything”
Unworthy vessel, he chooses to honor
And fills with beauty from the holy place

The jar now filled with unbound joy
Bringing hope, offering peace
Hands full of blessing, heart full of love
Wisdom seeking, talent investing
Unworthy vessel, given over to God
Pouring forth His blessings– with a smiling face


This poem was inspired by 2 Kings 4, Proverbs 3:5-6, Luke 1:26-38, 46-55.

Montana native. Farm girl. Asia dweller. Sari wearer. Music maker. Amateur poet. Budding author. Homeschool graduate. Lumerit Scholar. Communications major. ESL teacher. Aspiring expressive arts therapist. Coffee lover. Child of God.

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