Star-Breathing God

The star-breathing God,
my awesome Creator.
Wonder of wonders,
my soul’s Savior.
His incomprehensible majesty,
power beyond any human measure-
Tho’ creation lies in his hand,
He loves me as his treasure.
The starry host are His,
He knows each by its name
He calls mine also into eternity,
And the very galaxies proclaim
that Jesus is King,
but became God clothed in flesh.
He died in our place
who formed stars from his breath.

“By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth.”
Psalm 33:6

I think I wrote this poem in 2014 after hearing Louie Giglio’s talk, How Great is Our God at a Christ Tomlin concert in Delhi. The whole thing can be found on YouTube and I highly recommend it.  It’ll blow your mind.

Montana native. Farm girl. Asia dweller. Sari wearer. Music maker. Amateur poet. Budding author. Homeschool graduate. Lumerit Scholar. Communications major. ESL teacher. Aspiring expressive arts therapist. Coffee lover. Child of God.

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