I’m just a simple Montanan farm girl that Jesus transplanted to Asia.
Here at Wells of Light I hope to share a sense of adventure, perspective, and hope.  I write about my own adventures in Asia, insights I’ve gleaned along the way, and glimpses into my journey with the Lord.  I share my poetry, song covers, Word Paintings and even some original music.

I’m so delighted that you’re here.

Grab a cup of coffee or chai and stay awhile.

A few things about me.

I am a…

Child of God

Montana native

Farm girl (growing up)

Asia dweller (currently)

Sari wearer

Music maker

Amateur poet

Aspiring author

Homeschool graduate

Lumerit Scholar

Communications major

ESL teacher

Aspiring expressive arts therapist

Coffee lover

Extroverted introvert


…to name a few things.

During your short (or long) sojourn here at Wells of Light, maybe you’ll giggle, be encouraged or enlightened.
And maybe, just maybe, you’ll leave with a little more hope than when you came.

I sure hope so.